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Coffee 1882 Decided in Saccaria Beans: Intensity and Character in Every Bean

Description and Net Weight:
Caffè 1882 Deciso in Saccaria Grains, with a net weight of 1 kg, is an excellent choice for coffee lovers who prefer an intense and decisive flavour. With a blend of 60% Arabica coffee beans and the rest robust Robusta beans, this coffee promises a rich and full tasting experience.

Composition and Aroma:
The predominance of Arabica beans guarantees a delicate and sophisticated aroma, while the presence of Robusta adds body and intensity, resulting in a coffee with a strong and persistent taste. The combination of the two types of beans creates a perfect balance between taste and aroma.

Quality and Preparation:
The care in selecting the beans and the artisanal roasting are the secret behind the superior quality of Caffè 1882 Deciso. This coffee bean is ideal for freshly ground, offering the freshness and intensity that only freshly ground coffee can provide.

Versatility and Use:
Perfect for the preparation of a full-bodied and creamy espresso, but also suitable for other variations such as filtered coffee or cappuccino, Caffè 1882 Deciso in Grani di Saccaria satisfies every preference and every moment of the day.

Saccaria's Promise:
By choosing Caffè 1882 Deciso from Saccaria, you are choosing a product that combines a passion for quality with the tradition of Italian roasting, guaranteeing a unique and memorable tasting experience.