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La Molisana Pasta Candles: Tradition and Taste on the Table

Discover the authentic flavor and superior quality of La Molisana Pasta Candles, an excellent choice for those who want to bring Italian tradition directly into their kitchen. Inspired by classic candles, these long, cylindrical delights are distinguished by their larger diameter than ziti, offering a unique texture and exceptional ability to absorb sauces.

Unique Qualities:
The Candele 107, bronze drawn, have a rough and porous surface, perfect for capturing and holding full-bodied sauces such as the traditional Bolognese ragù. The bronze drawing process gives the pasta an ideal texture that enhances every type of seasoning, making every bite an unforgettable culinary experience.

How to use:
Thanks to their irregular and broken shape, La Molisana Pasta Candles are ideal for rich and tasty dishes. They are perfect for pairing with thick and tasty sauces, guaranteeing an excellent result both for family dinners and for special occasions.

Why Choose Them:
Choosing La Molisana Pasta Candles means opting for a product that respects the Italian culinary tradition, with particular attention to the quality of the ingredients and the production process. Their versatility makes them suitable for a variety of recipes, satisfying the palate of every pasta lover.