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Farina Luce® Integrale: A Journey into the Taste of Ancient Grains

Description and Net Weight:
Farina Luce® Integrale, with a net weight of 500g, is an exclusive product that brings back the tradition of ancient grains. Made up of 9 varieties of ancient grains (Gentil Rosso, Mentana, Verna, Marzuolo, Autonomia, Inallettabile, Terminillo, Risciola and the very rare Grano del Miracolo), grown at over 850 meters above sea level for superior quality and lower presence of parasites.

Origins and Production Process:
Born from AmoreTerra's research, Farina Luce® aims to rediscover the authentic flavor of wheat from the past. The slow stone milling keeps the wheat germ and a part of the bran, guaranteeing a quality product. Packaged within three days of milling, it preserves its unique aromas and flavors intact.

Ingredients and Nutritional Values:
Composed of organic ingredients and ancient Italian grains, this flour is rich in vitamins, mineral salts and offers a feeling of well-being. Its low quantity of gluten and the presence of the precious germ make it a nutritionally rich and easily digestible product.

Use and Preparation:
Ideal for bread, pizzas, focaccias, desserts and biscuits, Integral Light® Flour is perfectly suited to traditional and modern recipes. It is advisable to use mother or natural yeast and a longer leavening period. Also excellent mixed with other flours or semolina of ancient varieties.

The Quality Promise:
Each bag of Farina Luce® Integrale embodies AmoreTerra's commitment to sustainability and quality, guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind product, testimony to the richness of the Italian agricultural heritage.