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Flour Luce® Type 0 by AmoreTerra: A Return to the Origins of Wheat

Description and Net Weight:
With a net weight of 500g, AmoreTerra's Farina Luce® Tipo 0 represents an authentic expression of the tradition and quality of Italian wheat. The result of meticulous research aimed at rediscovering the original flavor of wheat, this flour is produced through processes that respect biodiversity and enhance the variety of the fields.

Production process:
The slow stone milling, which preserves the wheat germ and a part of the bran, is the key to this unique flour. This traditional method guarantees the maintenance of natural aromas and flavors, packaging the flour within three days of milling to ensure freshness and quality.

Ingredients and Nutritional Values:
Made with a mix of ancient Italian grains and organic ingredients, Farina Luce® Tipo 0 is characterized by a low quantity of gluten, enriched with the precious wheat germ, thus providing important nutritional values ​​and high digestibility. Ideal for those looking for a healthy and natural diet.

Use and Preparation Tips:
Perfect for bread, pizzas, focaccias, desserts and biscuits, this flour adapts to a variety of recipes. It is advisable to use mother or natural yeast, with longer leavening times to enhance its flavor and qualities. Also excellent if mixed with other flours or semolina of ancient varieties.

AmoreTerra's commitment:
Each bag of Farina Luce® Tipo 0 is the result of AmoreTerra's commitment to sustainability, biodiversity and quality, guaranteeing a product that respects the earth and its resources.