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Farina Luce® Type 2 by AmoreTerra: A Dive into the Traditions of Wheat

Description and Net Weight:
Farina Luce® Tipo 2, with a net weight of 500g, is a jewel of Italian milling, the result of AmoreTerra's research to bring back the authentic flavors of the wheat of the past. This special flour is produced respecting the biodiversity of the fields and cultivation traditions, guaranteeing a unique, quality product.

Production process:
Thanks to slow stone milling, Farina Luce® Type 2 preserves the wheat germ and a part of the bran, eliminating only the outermost layers of the seed. This process ensures the maintenance of the natural aromas and rich flavors of the grain.

Ingredients and Origin:
Made with a mix of ancient Italian grains and organic ingredients, Farina Luce® Tipo 2 stands out for its low quantity of gluten and for its enrichment with the precious wheat germ. This makes it not only nutritionally rich but also highly digestible.

Use and Preparation Tips:
Ideal for bread, pizzas, focaccias, desserts and biscuits, this flour is versatile and suitable for multiple preparations. We recommend the use of mother or natural yeast, with longer leavening times to enhance its flavor and qualities. It is also perfect if mixed with other flours or semolina of ancient varieties.

AmoreTerra's commitment:
Each bag of Farina Luce® Tipo 2 is the symbol of AmoreTerra's commitment to sustainability, biodiversity and quality. This flour is not just an ingredient, but a piece of Italian agricultural history and culture.