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Abundant Wheat Breadsticks by AmoreTerra: Art and Taste in Every Stick

Description and Net Weight:
With a net weight of 150g, AmoreTerra's Grano Abbondanza breadsticks are a true masterpiece of artisanal baking. Handmade with soft wheat flour of the ancient Abbondanza variety, extra virgin olive oil and mother yeast, these breadsticks represent a perfect combination of tradition and quality.

Ingredients and Production:
These artisanal breadsticks are made from selected organic ingredients: type "0" soft wheat flour, natural yeast, extra virgin olive oil, white wine and whole sea salt. The attention to the quality of the ingredients and the traditional production method guarantee a superior final product both from a nutritional and organoleptic point of view.

Values ​​and Philosophy of AmoreTerra:
The AmoreTerra bakery line stands out for the choice of ancient grains grown in Italy using the organic method and for the transformations carried out in small traditional bakeries. This philosophy allows us to offer healthy and nutritious snacks, ideal for breaks during the day, without sacrificing taste.

Ideality and Versatility:
Grano Abbondanza breadsticks are perfect for accompanying light meals, such as aperitifs or snacks, and pair wonderfully with a variety of foods, from cheeses to cured meats, offering a unique and authentic tasting experience.