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Senatore Cappelli Grissini with Black Sesame by AmoreTerra: A Unique and Refined Taste

Description and Net Weight:
With a net weight of 150g, AmoreTerra's Senatore Cappelli Black Sesame Grissini are a true delight for the palate. Handmade with the fine durum wheat semolina of the ancient Senatore Cappelli variety and enriched with black sesame, these breadsticks are the perfect example of how tradition can meet innovation in the kitchen.

Ingredients and Production:
The breadsticks contain natural yeast, Senatore Cappelli durum wheat semolina, type "0" soft wheat flour of the ancient Abbondanza variety, extra virgin olive oil, white wine, black sesame and whole sea salt, all organic ingredients. Artisanal production in small traditional bakeries ensures a high quality product.

Values ​​and Philosophy of AmoreTerra:
AmoreTerra's bakery line reflects a commitment to sustainability and respect for biodiversity, using ancient grains grown organically in Italy. Each recipe is designed to offer the best balance between nutrition, health and organoleptic pleasure.

Ideality and Versatility:
Senatore Cappelli Black Sesame Grissini are ideal as healthy snacks for any time of the day, perfect for accompanying aperitifs, starters or to be enjoyed on their own. Their rich and distinctive flavor makes them suitable for an audience looking for something unique in the gastronomic panorama.