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Festooned Lasagne La Molisana: A Masterpiece of Taste and Tradition

La Molisana Festonated Lasagne represent excellence in pasta production, combining high quality ingredients with traditional processing methods. Their peculiarity lies in the selection of water, a key element in the semolina mixing process, coming directly from the low-mineral springs of the Matese plateau, in the heart of Alto Molise.

Source Water and Quality:
The light and pure water of the Matese, a plateau of karst origin, is essential for obtaining superior quality pasta. These fresh waters, with low mineral content characteristics, give the Lasagne Festonate a unique consistency and flavour, celebrating the richness and purity of the Molise territory.

Unique Features:
The Lasagne Festonate 222 stand out for their appetizing lateral border, which not only makes them a pleasure to look at but also a delight in taste. This particular design helps to better retain sauces, making every bite rich in flavor and texture.

Tradition and Versatility:
Incorporated into the national gastronomic tradition, La Molisana Festonate Lasagne is perfect for a variety of regional recipes. Whether it's a classic baked lasagna or creative variations, these lasagnas are the ideal base for exploring Italian cuisine.