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Italian Organic Small Red Lentils: Delicate Taste and Pure Nutrition

Description and Net Weight:
The Small Red Lentils, with a net weight of 400g, are a treasure of Italian cuisine. This prized organic variety is known for its small size and delicate taste. They do not require soaking, making preparation simple and quick, maintaining a tender and pleasant texture on the palate.

Ingredients and Origin:
Small Red Lentils are produced following rigorous organic standards. Their Italian origin guarantees superior quality. Packaged in a protective atmosphere, they maintain their freshness and integrity.

Nutritional Values ​​and Benefits:
Rich in protein, fiber and essential minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, small red lentils are an excellent dietary choice. They contribute to a balanced diet, providing essential nutrients and benefiting overall health.

Preparation and Usage Tips:
Small Red Lentils are perfect for a variety of dishes, from soup and pasta to quiches and salads. They are ideal for those looking for a versatile and nutritious ingredient. Their preparation is simple: just wash them in running water before cooking.

Commitment to Sustainability:
The organic cultivation and the choice of small Italian farms demonstrate AmoreTerra's commitment to sustainability and respect for nature, offering a product that combines taste and environmental responsibility.