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Pan di Stelle Biscocrema Mulino Bianco: A Dream in a Teaspoon

Description and Features:
Mulino Bianco's Biscocrema Pan di Stelle, in a practical 168 gram format for 10 packs, is a spreadable cream that transforms every moment into a unique and magical experience. Ideal for Sunday breakfast, birthday parties or snacks with friends, this spreadable cream is the touch of sweetness that makes every occasion special.

High Quality Ingredients:
Made with the union of selected ingredients such as fresh eggs and 100% Italian hazelnuts, Biscocrema Pan di Stelle is a superior quality product. Its composition without palm oil and hydrogenated fats ensures a healthy and genuine product, fully respecting health and well-being.

Versatility and Taste:
Biscocrema Pan di Stelle is perfect for spreading on bread, biscuits or for enriching sweets and desserts. Its creamy texture and rich flavor make it an ideal ingredient to add a touch of magic to any recipe.

Special Moments:
With Biscocrema Pan di Stelle, every moment becomes an opportunity to celebrate sweetness. It is the ideal companion to make every meeting with friends or every party an unforgettable memory.