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Pan di Stelle Gr. 700 Mulino Bianco: A Dive into Sweetness

Description and Features:
Mulino Bianco's Pan di Stelle, with their unmistakable weight of 700 grams, are a real delight for the palate. These biscuits, known for their unmistakable taste and crunchy texture, are made with high quality ingredients, perfect for accompanying moments of relaxation or to enrich breakfast.

Quality Ingredients:
Pan di Stelle are made from wheat flour, sugar, sunflower oil, butter, high quality pasteurized fresh milk (6%), cocoa (3.6%), chocolate (3.5%), granulated sugar ( 2%), fresh eggs, honey, hazelnuts, wheat starch, leavening agents, salt, flavourings, egg white powder and corn starch. This combination of ingredients gives the biscuits a rich flavor and perfect texture.

Rich Taste and Heady Aroma:
With their cocoa and chocolate flavour, enriched by a touch of honey and hazelnuts, Pan di Stelle are a real temptation for sweets lovers. The sugar grains on the surface add a nice texture contrast.

Ideal for All Moments:
Perfect for breakfast, as a snack during the day or to accompany tea or coffee, Pan di Stelle are versatile and loved by adults and children. They are ideal for adding a touch of sweetness to any moment of the day.