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Parmalat Chef Cooking Cream ml. 200 is the perfect ally for those looking for a light but richly flavored condiment. With 50% less fat than the classic version, Chef Leggera is ideal for seasoning appetizers, first and second courses, adding creaminess without weighing down the dishes.

Ideal for balanced diets

If you are careful about your diet but don't want to give up taste, Panna Chef Leggera is the right choice: less fat, but a full and satisfying flavor that enriches every dish.

Conservation and Quality

Parmalat Chef Cooking Cream is long-life UHT, guaranteeing freshness and quality. It can be easily stored in a cool, dry environment and, once opened, can be kept perfectly in the refrigerator at a temperature between 0 and +4°C, to be consumed within 3-4 days.

Parmalat Chef Cooking Cream: A Touch of Class in the Kitchen

Choosing Chef Parmalat means opting for a quality, practical and versatile product that meets the needs of a modern and health-conscious cuisine without sacrificing taste.