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Passata Rustica La Molisana: Flavor and Tradition Directly from Puglia

Passata Rustica La Molisana captures the authentic taste of seasonal tomatoes from Puglia, treated with care and skill to preserve all their natural flavour. The tomatoes, harvested and processed on the same day, are removed from seeds and skins, guaranteeing superior quality and a genuine taste.

Texture and Preparation:
This puree stands out for its full-bodied and slightly irregular texture, obtained by passing the tomatoes through a wide-mesh sieve. This process gives the puree an ideal consistency for traditional and homemade recipes, making it perfect for dishes that require an intense flavor and a rustic appearance.

Ideal for Home Recipes:
Passata Rustica La Molisana is the ideal choice for those looking for a product that enhances the flavor of home-made dishes. Whether it's a pasta sauce, a base for soups or stews, this puree adds a touch of tradition and authenticity to every recipe.

Quality and Tradition:
With Passata Rustica La Molisana, you bring to the table not only a quality product but also a piece of Italian culinary history and tradition. The passion for excellence and respect for natural ingredients are the heart of this product, which satisfies the palate of anyone looking for the true flavor of tomatoes.