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Pasta Quadrotto La Molisana: Innovation and Flavor in Every Bite

Molisana reinvents tradition with the launch of Quadrotto, a square celery made with 100% Italian wheat. This innovative format is designed to guarantee resistance during cooking and toughness when chewing, offering a new pleasure that invites you to explore original recipes. Ideal for both home cooking and the most refined restaurant menus.

Design and Packaging:
The Quadrotto by La Molisana stands out not only for its quality but also for its limited edition packaging. Breaking the mold of traditional layout, this package captures attention on shelves and responds to the demand of consumers looking for a rewarding and unique product.

Collaboration with Professionals:
The Professional Association of Italian Chefs, in collaboration with La Molisana, contributed the experience of its chefs in testing and developing the Quadrotto, making it an ideal product also for catering. The combination of creativity, innovation, reliability and excellent performance has been accredited by industry professionals.

Quality and Versatility:
Our chefs have defined the Quadrotto as "superb", a format that expresses the essence of pasta, combining innovation and reliability. Full-bodied, well-proportioned and resistant when cooked, Quadrotto maintains its toughness even long after being cooked. For unique gastronomic experiences, we recommend trying it with recipes such as dandelion pesto and emperor cheese or with Bronte pistachios and Fossa cheese.