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Discover the Mukki Vaccina Ricotta in a 1.5 kg format, perfect for food service and ideal for those looking for a light and genuine product. This ricotta, with its soft and inviting flavour, is obtained through the acid-thermal coagulation of cow's milk whey, guaranteeing a sweet and delicate flavour.

Practicality and Freshness

The 1.5 kg format is presented in a practical tray, ready to use and covered with heat-sealed laminate, ensuring optimal conservation. The shelf life of this product is 30 days, maintaining freshness and quality for the entire period.

A Versatile and Healthy Dairy Product

Cow ricotta is a unique dairy product that does not fall into the cheese category. It is produced from cow's milk whey, the liquid part that separates from the curd during cheese production. This process gives Mukki ricotta a tender and velvety consistency, making it extremely versatile for different culinary preparations, both sweet and savory.

Ideal for Creative Recipes

Mukki Cow Ricotta is perfect for enriching a wide range of dishes with flavor and creaminess, from appetizers to desserts. Its naturalness and quality make it suitable both for natural consumption and for more elaborate processing, without the addition of preservatives and colorings.