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Square Spaghetto La Molisana: A Masterpiece of Flavor and Tradition

La Molisana Spaghetto Quadrato is much more than a simple pasta shape: it is a cult, a symbol of taste and quality that represents our company in the world. Meaty, intense and satisfying, Spaghetto Quadrato offers a unique gastronomic experience, thanks to its extraordinary tenacity in cooking and its ability to never overcook.

History and Innovation:
Born from the Abruzzo-Molisan tradition, Spaghetto Quadrato was originally known as Spaghetto alla guitar, a homemade product with a special tool, similar to a guitar. Despite its deep roots in tradition, this format has experienced a revolution thanks to the intuition and audacity of the CEO of La Molisana, who saw unexpressed potential in it.

Rebirth of a Classic:
Transferred from the regional line to the classic line and renewed in terms of branding and product development, Spaghetto Quadrato has conquered the market, becoming a best-seller and a point of reference in the Italian pasta panorama.

Success and Recognition:
Thanks to an effective communication campaign, which included television commercials and promotions on social networks, Spaghetto Quadrato has become the seventh best-selling format in Italy. Its popularity testifies to the success of a format that has been able to combine tradition and innovation, remaining imprinted in the minds and hearts of consumers.