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Discover our Banana Flavored Organic Drinking Yogurt , a delicious and natural drink, perfect for those who love genuine products. This yogurt is gluten-free and enriched with live lactic ferments, guaranteeing a unique and healthy tasting experience.

Produced with TSG Hay Milk - Quality and Tradition

Our yogurt is made with TSG (Traditional Specialty Guaranteed) Hay Milk , coming exclusively from cows raised according to organic and sustainable principles. The cows are fed a natural diet composed of grass, hay, legumes and cereals, without the use of fermented foods or GMOs.

100% Italian and Piedmontese

The milk used comes directly from the member companies of our Cooperative, guaranteeing a 100% Italian and Piedmontese product. This allows us to offer a yogurt that not only tastes excellent, but also meets rigorous quality standards.

Commitment to Sustainability

Packaged in handy 150g RPET bottles, with a high percentage of recycled PET, our Banana Flavored Drinking Yogurt reflects our commitment to sustainability and reducing waste. The bottles are completely recyclable, in line with our environmental philosophy.

Organic and Natural Ingredients

Our ingredients are simple and natural: Whole yogurt (whole STG hay milk with live lactic ferments: Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus Thermophilus), banana preparation (16%) (8% banana on the finished product, cane sugar, water, concentrated juice of lemon), all from organic farming.