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Choose BioMu Organic Strawberry Low-Fat Yogurt for a taste experience that combines health and pleasure. With less than 1% fat, this organic yogurt offers the creamy and fragrant taste of strawberries, the symbol of spring. Each ingredient is carefully selected from certified organic farms.

Respect for Natural Cycles

BioMu's production respects natural cycles, leading to slight variations in the consistency of the yogurt throughout the year. These variations are a positive sign of respect for seasonal rhythms in the diet of our cows.

A Creamy and Natural Consistency

The milk used is concentrated under vacuum by evaporation and fermented at different temperatures, guaranteeing a naturally creamy consistency and a perfect balance between aroma and acidity.

Eco-Sustainable Packaging

To reduce waste, our 125g or 500g glass jars are minimalist, 100% recyclable.

Organic Ingredients and Beneficial Probiotics

  • Milk yogurt with less than 1% fat
  • Strawberry preparation (10% strawberry on the total, cane sugar, natural flavouring)
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis